I’ve always been fascinated with nutrition and the human body – how the choices we make (in what we do and what we ingest and put on our bodies and breathe in our air) can either improve or decline our health.  I believe everyone has a health destiny. Sure, some things are preordained…but it’s not a setpoint, it is a –range–.  And our choices dictate where we are in that range.  And it is a pretty big (comfortingly inspiring) range.  So –we– choose. We choose where we want to be in that range.   We can be suffering at the bottom, or excelling at the top in-spite-of-our-realities.  With what we have, whatever that may be, that we can be the –best self– that we can.  To experience life, the experience of LIVING.  That is what we are here for by the way: the experience of living, being alive. This manifestation we have here with taste, touch, smell, sight, sound, and energy.

But that is not what the constant bombardment of advertising tells (~brainwashes) every waking minute of the day. No. What we absorb is there are a million ways to get it –wrong–.  And there is a TON of information out there about everything. There’s a million things to worry about, and even more to feel bad about.

I’ve also been always fascinated by psychology, beliefs, judgements, and philosophy. The relatively new frontier of quantum physics opens up a whole world of possibility, and has finally given me a framework to create some *space* in my own life (all puns intended). The work I’ve done unpeeling the layers of my thoughts and beliefs has been just as impactful, if not more so, on my overall wellbeing than the external work I’ve done with diet and other lifestyle changes.

We all can make choices to trend toward the top of our ‘range’.  I want to convey to the other “left-brainers” out there, that the thoughts within your head REALLY do impact your health. They are as an important part of the pie as is whether you are getting enough protein, or vitamin C, or sleep, or probiotics.  Being –healthy–, really truly whole, really is a huge pie (mmm…pie) with so many interrelated factors.  If you completely discount any one part, it won’t be whole.

Sources of Health

Hummingbird Health Synergy is about supporting whole body & mind health. There is not and never will be ‘one answer’ that will ‘fix us’. Life is a complex weave of interrelated factors. Each one of us has areas that are stronger and areas that are weaker. If we allow ourselves to get too obsessed with ‘perfecting’ any one part, it is likely that the whole will suffer as a result.

Internal chatter & beliefs

Your beliefs.  This one is HUGE. And this is the one I put last in my journey. After all, it cannot be measured, quantified, compared, or proven, how important can it really be? Well, based on my experience… you see it is listed as number 1.  Not only do our beliefs and feelings literally affect the energy and vitality of our cells, but our mental chatter also strongly dictates whether we’ll have the strength, conviction, and –desire– to keep progressing on all the other pieces: like diet, exercise, etc. Most of the things that undermine our goals have to do with unprocessed, and very often –unconscious– beliefs.  It is necessary to identify, challenge, and release these beliefs so that they no longer sabotage what you want for yourself and your life.


You should always try to be present with your food while you are eating it. Rrrreally present. After all, you want to enjoy it right? Stress-eating is the epitome of NOT being mindful.  That food will do nothing good for your body.  It took me a long time to stop wanting snacks while watching tv in the evenings.  It was ultimate comfort.  But I wasn’t being present with my food at all; thus, I could eat three times more than I needed because I wasn’t ‘truly’ experiencing it.

And mindfulness isn’t just about eating – it’s about connecting with all those present moments available to us throughout the day. Truly being in the experience – the experience of living.


Whole foods.  Life gives life.  We must love our bodies (See Focus 1). Our bodies were given to us this lifetime to experience each day we are given.  And when we love someone, we give our time and energy to them.  If we love our bodies, then they must be worth the time and care to nourish them.  Not just “fill them up”, but truly –nourish– them.  there is more in food than simply the nutrition and calories.  There’s an energy to food that we’ve put a little of ourselves into – as if the food has more chi.

But all that aside, nutrition is important. Our society has been overtaken by a very plastic way of eating. It’s not even food anymore – it is synthetic. “Plood” if you will…

Removing all processed foods that have ingredients lists that read like an advanced college chemistry class is vital to respecting your body.


Our bodies are meant to move. We are energetic beings that need flow.  But that flow is different for everyone; everyone is at a different level. But most everyone can do something.  Tying this into meditation and Mindfulness is a great way to strengthen multiple pillars together.  When you are moving your body, however much you are moving your body, –appreciate– that you CAN move your body in this way. Feel the bones, the muscles, the nerves.  Feel the energy of the cells.  Appreciate the gift of this movement, this ability.  Focus on the miracle that it is.

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