Why work with a Health Coach?

Someone works with a health coach to have a supportive relationship that enables you to change into the person you wish to become.  The conscious mind sometimes already knows ‘what’ to do, but it’s the subconscious mind that makes it all confusing and heavy.  The programmed patterns are engrained deep, and it is often hard for us to even ‘see’ them when they resurface. The coach helps lift that burden and support the subconscious into persevering rather than undermining your efforts, and helping to create the momentum of a new life style.

The conscious mind knows you want to make a change, that the choices you habitually make aren’t best for you, and don’t feel truly right for you anymore – but the subconscious loves habit and will continue to enforce those choices over and over.

Like a boulder rolling downhill, you feel powerless to change its course.  But you know what? It’s easier to roll a boulder uphill if you have someone pushing it with you the whole way to the top.  And you know what else? Eventually, you CAN make it to the top.  You CAN get to the point where the boulder has changed directions and is now picking up momentum in the direction you WANT to be rolling.

The health coach will also take some of the burden off in terms of decisions and data.  Stress has a VERY REAL affect on the health – so it is counterproductive when we stress ourselves out trying to get healthier!!  A health coach allows you to unburden some of those issues and brainstorming so that you can focus on h-e-a-l-i-n-g.

A health coach is also helpful with research.  Sadly, doctors just don’t have time for us anymore. They don’t have time to really listen to our problems and understand what makes us unique.  Furthermore, they have so many cutting-edge procedures to learn in college, they spend barely any time learning about nutrition or mind-body connections – and it becomes blatantly lost as a source of true healing.  Doctors too often prescribe drugs ‘for life’ that simply band-aid a symptom rather than trying to correct the imbalance that caused the problem in the first place.

Who hires a health coach?

Is a health coach for everyone? Absolutely not. Working with a coach instead of going it alone will probably make the road a little easier, and probably get progress going faster towards your goals. BUT, faster isn’t always better. I’ve gone the long and arduously slow path in my journey. I’m surprised the turtle isn’t my spirit animal, actually. 😉 But, I know that I’ve discovered things about myself that wouldn’t have if I had been using someone else’s path as a guide.