noun di·​et | \ ˈdī-ət  \

Definition of diet:

Afood and drink regularly provided or consumed; habitual nourishment

B: a regimen of eating and drinking sparingly so as to reduce one’s weight

The word “Diet” has multiple definitions. Definition B is loaded with tons of emotions and baggage, and, it’s total nonsense. If diets worked, the problem would have been solved by now and we wouldn’t need them anymore. I could care less about Definition B, and every latest fad that comes with it.

Definition A, however, is where it’s at. What we choose to consume and put into our bodies as our fuel matters. The input affects the output.

By changing what I consider food, and making those choices a priority in my life, I have radically affected the physical health of my body. Dietary choices also affect mental health; directly because hormones and neurotransmitters are yet another part of our overall chemistry, and indirectly because, when you feel crappy physically, it is hard to be happy.

This section, far from comprehensive, includes some of my personal basics for overhauling your kitchen cabinets to support a new definition of ‘food’. Food, first and foremost, should be nourishing. Your body relies on your food/drink choices to build, repair, and regenerate everything that it needs to in order to keep you living. Over time, you get out what you put into it.

How we choose to fuel our body matters.

When it comes to our health and/or ailments: We do not have a genetic destiny – we have a genetic ‘range’. Our choices determine where we are in that range. ALL choices – not just food – but food is often the most straightforward place to start. This is also called epigenetics. Remember, this is EMPOWERING! What we do and don’t do has impact, we do not have to remain a victim – we just have to up our game! We have the power to improve our daily experience.