Guilt-Free Indulgences

Sugar is so ubiquitous in our society now. It is hidden in…pretty much everything. And sugar is so harmful to our bodies in so many ways. And yet, it isn’t ostracized and blamed and publicly shamed for being “bad for us” in the way alcohol and smoking are. And I truly don’t understand why. People consume sugar and truly don’t realize the health consequences of that decision … or rather the *health potential* that could be achieved by giving it up. Don’t you owe it to yourself to see how much better you could feel if you removed this chronic inflammation from your body?

And the best part of giving up sugar is that things actually taste *better*. Not right away – sure, there is a withdrawal period… but after that, whole foods develop more depth and nuances. And, you STILL can have the comforting and satisfying dessert experience – it just takes far less sweetness to achieve the same effect! Win-win. We build up a tolerance to sugar, just like we do with alcohol… in that we need more and more to have the same ‘hit’ to our tastebuds. But when you start reducing the sugar in your diet, this tolerance comes down, and the reward is that you’ll be able to taste a whole new world of ‘real’ food and flavors in a wide range.

Sugar is like a bright flood light in your face. Blinded by that light, you can’t really see anything else. But take away the bright flood light and your eyes adapt and suddenly you see there is a whole landscape out in front of you with breathtaking splendor.

Included in this section are desserts that also provide nutritional value. They will Not spike the blood sugar and trigger inflammation and fat storage in the body. These desserts are delicious and comforting…. IF you’re taste buds are not obliterated by a high-sugar diet 🙂

I feel the dessert experience is a vital part of life. Nothing is sustainable if you feel deprived. So indulge, but indulge in things that GIVE your body value WITH them. I have phased sugar out of my life and have converted my taste buds over to stevia. Stevia has a different style of sweetness than sugar – just like maple syrup and honey both taste unique and different from sugar. Stevia is calorie free, doesn’t raise insulin or blood sugar, and comes from plant instead of from a chemistry lab (like sucralose or aspartame). I’ve found that not all brands taste the same (some taste like licorice, and I’m not a fan of licorice – ewww); I prefer “NOW Foods – Better Stevia Liquid Sweetener”.

I have posted a variety of desserts that I indulge in on a regular basis. Check them out and you might just be amazed how “sweet” your life can be when even your treats are adding to the health and vitality of your body.