What do you really want?

So, all the latest scientific advances in quantum physics continually point to one thing: our thoughts truly do have an effect on the external reality of the world we experience. We create our world, and our experiences – through our focus and intention. And that is amazing and empowering! The control and power is placed back in our hands … or in our minds more precisely. But then that leads to a huge question – if you are creating your own life and reality, what do you want to create?

Moving the Body AS the Body

A totally different ‘way’ to exercise. If we believe we are exercising for our ‘health’ … shouldn’t we be in a healthy mindset while doing it?

Exercise with kindness

Most of us have ‘learned’ to push our body painfully past its breaking point – and delude ourselves that this is the path towards “health” in the body. I was one of these people.

Applying Imposter Syndrome to Depression

Mental health often discusses Imposter Syndrome as it relates to our role in the workplace, but I don’t think I have heard it in relation to depression… but I’m actually thinking it quite does.

DO, and Prove That Voice Wrong

DO the thing you fear, DO something in the direction towards where you ‘wish’ you were but don’t believe you are.  Every time you do something a little outside of your comfort zone, a little outside of that identity that you allow yourself to have, you will erode your false belief that the “you can’t do that” voice is accurate.

Selfish vs Selfless vs Self-Care

Not taking time for yourself is often connected to being (addicted to being) ‘in service to others’. But being consumed with “fixing what’s broken” can have the same result.

What I love about life

What do you love about the experience of living? I love so many, many things – some of which come from their opposite.

Failure == LEARNING

Why do we fear challenging ourselves in new areas of our life? We have dreams, ambitions – things we’d love to see if we can do, see if we’d love them as much as we think we would. Yet we don’t try. We fear failure. But what if we changed our perception?

Throw a Covid Resilience Party

It’s coming up on that time of year… That one-year anniversary where we can all remember the last thing that we did in the public, or with the public, before everything changed from covid. So, I am planning a covid party.  The extent of the “party” will of course be my husband and my mother. …

Drowning in Rules

The Perfectionistic Dark Side of Experimenting For Your Health: When you use all that awesome health knowledge to beat yourself up.

One Bite CAN Hurt

Why it is important to keep complete resolve while avoiding potential allergens and food reactions.

Sample LIFE

“Don’t be a quitter”
Ever notice how many virtues there are which are noble to teach a child, yet become self-limiting and self-defeating after we hone them to perfection as adults??

Another New Year

Reflections on new year’s resolutions, when so much of what we took for granted has changed.

When Bad Things Happen

Not accepting a ‘bad’ situation does not make it go away, it only makes it worse. Sometimes, acceptance of a ‘bad’ situation is all it takes to create some space for something new and good.

Peanut Butter Hack

Life-changing peanut butter hack revealed (perhaps inspired by Dr. Seuss).

Ode to Olive Oil

Using a time-honored technique, I resolved my debate of cost vs quality regarding reports of adulterated olive oils.