French Eggcake

Want to have a healthy breakfast, but “feel” like you are being naughty?

Breakfast Casserole

Healthy and whole AND quick and convenient! Eating some veggies in the morning is super-easy to achieve.

"Girl Scout Thin Mint Cookie" Mousse

No, this recipe does NOT use Girl Scout Thin Mint Cookies … but it TASTES like it could. But this mousse fuels my body with protein and nutrients while giving me an absolutely decadent experience! Put in blender, then bake at 325 degrees for 30 min (top should be cracked a little) 2 shakes of…

Banana Nut Parfait

Bananas are not considered “low sugar”. BUT, that really depends on when you eat them! I only buy bananas when they are still green, and then I put them directly in the fridge so that they stay that way. Naturally, they have less sugar when they aren’t ripe yet – the starches are still intact….

Pumpkin Muffins

Sometimes life just calls for something …chewy, amiright?

Roasted Veggies

Just,…yumm! You’ll start craving your veggies! Combine with avocado or guac for an amazing combo.

Spice Mixes

Make your own spice mixes to control both fillers and flavors (and expense).

Bone Broth

Bone broth provides amazing healing power to the digestive tract, and is imo the healthiest beverage possible.

Yogurt Sundaes

Sweet and creamy treat without all the sugar of typical yogurt.

Breakfast Sausage

Deliciously flavored meat. Can be paired with far more than just breakfast!

Creamy Awesomesauce

This is a versatile creamy sauce that can be added to a vast array of dishes; good fat and vitamins and minerals.

Keto Freezer Chocolate

Ketogenic, dairy free chocolate to enjoy on an as-needed (always-needed?) basis right out of the freezer.