Are you ready to change?

You have a choice. We all have a choice.  And one is not wrong and one is not right. It’s simply a choice.

Choose to make choices that keep you healthy, or choose to (blindly) follow societal queues and consume whatever everyone else is.

Sure, its fun to drink pop. It’s fun to indulge in desserts – it’s even better when they’re free! Its fun to eat carbs for breakfast (pancakes, cereal waffles, syrup, donuts, bagels). It’s fun to stop and get fast food.  These foods DO taste good on the tongue, while you are eating them.

But it’s also fun to feel good in your own skin.  It’s fun to feel healthier and more energetic and to enjoy (and participate in) activities more with your family and friends.   Its fun to have your joints feel better and not be on tons of medications with tons of side effects and more medications for those side effects.   …And you can still have treats and indulgences, but just not the *convenient* ones that everyone else is consuming.

But it is just a matter of choice. Of which is more important to you.  Unfortunately, it does not seem that we can have both.  The way our society eats and views foods and beverages has made our society very sick with chronic diseases.  Autoimmunity, obesity, high blood pressure, diabetes, heart disease … sadly the list goes on and on.  Our food is our fuel, it is what the body uses to create health, so if we choose to not fuel it wisely, eventually the health of the body will be adversely affected.

If you choose the latter, you can make improvements to all these conditions.  You can feel BETTER than you do.  But it is a choice you make every day FOR YOURSELF.  Because you love yourself and your body, or at least you want to 😉 (and you can get there).

Or, you choose the former. And you can. It is your choice. But please, if you choose that what is more important to you is the sensations of eating processed foods and convenience, then STOP beating yourself up over it. Stop insulting the way you look, and that you ‘should’ ‘should’ ‘should’. Stop complaining and being consumed with all the things going wrong with your health – try to focus on what is still going right, parts that are still healthy. That will serve you more than dwelling on what is not, because you’ve chosen that it is not your priority, so own your choice and stop beating yourself up.  Beating ourselves up doesn’t make us change, it only makes us miserable.