Autoimmunity? Self-Educate, Self-Advocate

I believe each and every one of us has to be our own self-advocate.  Educate yourself as much as possible on your condition – and on your immune system as a whole. Learn what drives inflammation in the body, and what slows healing and repair. 

Exploring a Rule of Waste

To further explore the Identify, Examine, and Reflect parts of How to unlock rules that don’t serve you, let’s play with one that just came up in my life: Construct: It’s bad to use something up (wearing out something with electronics counts as ‘using it up’ if we perceive it as having a total number…

Being The Observer

What’s all this talk in psychology about ‘being the observer of your thoughts’? And, why would I care?  Here’s my take.

How to unlock rules that don’t serve you

Our brains are filled with rules. Rules, judgements, and criticisms that we’ve piled on over time – maybe that served us once, but don’t in our current life. Or maybe something that does keep us safe (e.g. “is smart to do”) in some circumstance, but have since been sloppily expanded to broadly encompass far too…

“I am” Labels

“I am…” I’ve discovered it is very hard for me to ‘claim’ good things about me. It is like I’m claiming some level of proficiency that I haven’t proved. It took me over a hundred paintings before I could think/accept/admit that “I am an artist”. Why are these I am statements so hard? Why are…

Yes, I’ll Keep Trying

I was reading an article the other day about someone lamenting the aches and pains and fatigue of growing older to their even-older and even-more-falling-apart parent.  The 88-year-old responds, “Yeah, but the alternative is worse”. The alternative. I love that, because it short-circuits that crazy part of my mind that loves to say all the…

Tap Into your Inner Energy

You know, I started doing koga (which is mindfulness-based, inward-focused movement to music) for exercise. Yet, I got something so much more than just doing “exercise”.  I’m no longer checking some box out of obligation to my “good health”. No, I’m doing something that truly feels satisfying.  It’s actually a source of pleasure, because it…

Moving the Body AS the Body

A totally different ‘way’ to exercise. If we believe we are exercising for our ‘health’ … shouldn’t we be in a healthy mindset while doing it?

Exercise with kindness

Most of us have ‘learned’ to push our body painfully past its breaking point – and delude ourselves that this is the path towards “health” in the body. I was one of these people.

Applying Imposter Syndrome to Depression

Mental health often discusses Imposter Syndrome as it relates to our role in the workplace, but I don’t think I have heard it in relation to depression… but I’m actually thinking it quite does.

DO, and Prove That Voice Wrong

DO the thing you fear, DO something in the direction towards where you ‘wish’ you were but don’t believe you are.  Every time you do something a little outside of your comfort zone, a little outside of that identity that you allow yourself to have, you will erode your false belief that the “you can’t do that” voice is accurate.

Selfish vs Selfless vs Self-Care

Not taking time for yourself is often connected to being (addicted to being) ‘in service to others’. But being consumed with “fixing what’s broken” can have the same result.

What I love about life

What do you love about the experience of living? I love so many, many things – some of which come from their opposite.

Failure == LEARNING

Why do we fear challenging ourselves in new areas of our life? We have dreams, ambitions – things we’d love to see if we can do, see if we’d love them as much as we think we would. Yet we don’t try. We fear failure. But what if we changed our perception?

Throw a Covid Resilience Party

It’s coming up on that time of year… That one-year anniversary where we can all remember the last thing that we did in the public, or with the public, before everything changed from covid. So, I am planning a covid party.  The extent of the “party” will of course be my husband and my mother. …

Drowning in Rules

The Perfectionistic Dark Side of Experimenting For Your Health: When you use all that awesome health knowledge to beat yourself up.

One Bite CAN Hurt

Why it is important to keep complete resolve while avoiding potential allergens and food reactions.

Sample LIFE

“Don’t be a quitter”
Ever notice how many virtues there are which are noble to teach a child, yet become self-limiting and self-defeating after we hone them to perfection as adults??