Another New Year

Reflections on new year’s resolutions, when so much of what we took for granted has changed.

When Bad Things Happen

Not accepting a ‘bad’ situation does not make it go away, it only makes it worse. Sometimes, acceptance of a ‘bad’ situation is all it takes to create some space for something new and good.

Peanut Butter Hack

Life-changing peanut butter hack revealed (perhaps inspired by Dr. Seuss).

Ode to Olive Oil

Using a time-honored technique, I resolved my debate of cost vs quality regarding reports of adulterated olive oils.

Pause, And Listen

There are more ways to listen than with our ears. Our bodies communicate to us all the time. When is the last time you’ve listened to what its been trying desperately to tell you?

When the World Loses its Sparkle

Life eventually gets all of us down at some point or another. This isn’t failure … it’s biochemistry. Here are some options to bolster your reserves.

Does Your Body Hate to Exercise?

We are meant to move.  Movement of our bodies pumps the lymphatic system for us. The lymphatic system is critical in clearing out all the junk and waste products from the body. Imagine if you never took the garbage out from the kitchen? It’d pile up and start to stink up your whole house!  Well,…

Getting a Bigger Comfort Zone

How big is your comfort zone?
Is it a comfortable box to live in? Have space to move around and stretch and play? Or, it is so confining you can barely move without feeling anxiety.

PB&J 2.0!

My life has changed for the better – I’ve taken “peanut butter and jelly” to a whole new level where it is now nourishing and health-promoting!

Extra Insurance

Simple things we can add to our internal immune system arsenal to fight the virus

Sealed in a Sanctuary

Feeling cooped up?…or, are you sealed in a sanctuary? How lucky are we to have our very own places to live? Our very own space that is totally ours, totally under our control?  Maybe even with loved ones in it (furry or otherwise) – or maybe it is just you, but regardless, it is YOUR…

Yes, Scary Times, but Focus on the Positive

Crazy new world we are embarking on for a few weeks, eh? We can’t control a whole lot of what’s going on around us right now – but we CAN do whatever we can to support our own immune systems.  Bolster our *internal* reserves as much as possible so that if we come in contact…

Unlearning Pessimism

What if this “bad” thing wasn’t happening TO me … what if it was happening FOR me?

The Sound of A Thousand Feathers

I love that sounds when a flock of birds flies overhead. If you stop to listen. It sounds like one sound, a uniform, fluttery rumble …