The Sound of A Thousand Feathers

I love that sounds when a flock of birds flies overhead. If you stop to listen. It sounds like one sound, a uniform, fluttery rumble …


I’m the type of person that, when I drive by a field of cows, I have to moo at them. Why? … No freakin’ clue. But moo, I do. Perhaps it is because I’ve always felt that we can be more connected to our food than we are, and that this connection is yet another…

The Unknown Is Scary, And I Love That

I had fallen (yet again) into the trap of worrying too much about the future, e.g. trying to CONTROL the future. I don’t want to build this new career by recreating the same patterns that dominated my last one. Yet, I am continuously impressed at how strongly my mind wants to recreate those old patterns!

Disempowering Fear

Exploring fear is useful in order to start separating ourselves from it, and learning when it does and does not serve our best self.

Redefining Failure

What exactly IS failure? After all, every great success story has a lot of glorious failures that precede it – often failures that are credited and celebrated in hindsight. Yet, they hold us back… so it is not really the ‘failure’ that we fear – for most common things in life, it is really the internal dialog of criticism we fear.

The First Frost

Winter is upon us, and the first hard frost has crystallized the morning and suspended it in time for a moment of reflection.
Many of us go into winter lamenting the cold temperatures and the long dark days.
Are you one of those people? How many thoughts and comments have we made NOT looking forward to the days being so short or to being so cold?

What do you really want?

So, all the latest scientific advances in quantum physics continually point to one thing: our thoughts truly do have an effect on the external reality of the world we experience. We create our world, and our experiences – through our focus and intention. And that is amazing and empowering! The control and power is placed back in our hands … or in our minds more precisely. But then that leads to a huge question – if you are creating your own life and reality, what do you want to create?