DO, and Prove That Voice Wrong

DO the thing you fear, DO something in the direction towards where you ‘wish’ you were but don’t believe you are.  Every time you do something a little outside of your comfort zone, a little outside of that identity that you allow yourself to have, you will erode your false belief that the “you can’t do that” voice is accurate.

Failure == LEARNING

Why do we fear challenging ourselves in new areas of our life? We have dreams, ambitions – things we’d love to see if we can do, see if we’d love them as much as we think we would. Yet we don’t try. We fear failure. But what if we changed our perception?

Sample LIFE

“Don’t be a quitter”
Ever notice how many virtues there are which are noble to teach a child, yet become self-limiting and self-defeating after we hone them to perfection as adults??