Tap Into your Inner Energy

You know, I started doing koga (which is mindfulness-based, inward-focused movement to music) for exercise. Yet, I got something so much more than just doing “exercise”.  I’m no longer checking some box out of obligation to my “good health”. No, I’m doing something that truly feels satisfying.  It’s actually a source of pleasure, because it…

Moving the Body AS the Body

A totally different ‘way’ to exercise. If we believe we are exercising for our ‘health’ … shouldn’t we be in a healthy mindset while doing it?

When the World Loses its Sparkle

Life eventually gets all of us down at some point or another. This isn’t failure … it’s biochemistry. Here are some options to bolster your reserves.

Does Your Body Hate to Exercise?

We are meant to move.  Movement of our bodies pumps the lymphatic system for us. The lymphatic system is critical in clearing out all the junk and waste products from the body. Imagine if you never took the garbage out from the kitchen? It’d pile up and start to stink up your whole house!  Well,…