What do you really want?

So, all the latest scientific advances in quantum physics continually point to one thing: our thoughts truly do have an effect on the external reality of the world we experience.  We create our world, and our experiences – through our focus and intention.  And that is amazing and empowering!  The control and power is placed back in our hands … or in our minds more precisely.  But then that leads to a huge question – if you are creating your own life and reality, what do you want to create? What do you really want in order for each day to feel like a gift and a wonder (instead of just a list of tasks to “get through”)?  It’s a hard question.  We spend so much focus on what we don’t want that often times we’re stumped when we ask what we do want.

So… what do I want?

  1. I want to be a joy and companion to my husband and my cats. I want to appreciate my husband as I would if it were the first day or last day with him, and free myself of judgements and projections into the future.    I want to enjoy my husband and my cats, just as they are, in order to get the most joy and love possible in these most priceless relationships.
  2. I want good health and vibrant energy, in order to be able to participate in and enjoy all the varied experiences life has to offer.
  3. I want to love myself. Truly and purely. There is no reason not to.  I can still grow and evolve while loving myself. Change is a part of life, and we can continue to change too.  We were right for then, and we will become right for later.  My decades of “hating” what I wanted to be different wasn’t working at all, but after several months of learning to love and accept myself more and more – I’ve changed more than I’ve changed in twenty years! I think that’s all the proof I need that the old belief system, however engrained it was, really wasn’t serving me at all in the ways I thought it was.  I want to love who I am right now in order to be freer to grow and evolve.
  4. I want to live boldly.  I want to do the things I want to do – without censoring myself, hesitating, or not participating out of fear that I will not do it right, or will look stupid – e.g. judgements of others. I have learned that my judgments of others have no effect on them (and are mostly about me), so others’ judgments of me should have no effect on me.  I am redefining ‘failure’.  Failure is simply NOT trying something that you felt an impulse to do.  If you do it, and do it badly, then you are learning.  We all suck at stuff when we are LEARNING AND GROWING.  When you are a growing child, you are so supported for every baby step, yet as adults we lose that appreciation of baby steps- somehow expecting to be amazing right out of the gate at any new thing we want to try.  So I could do something, like a speech, and do bad – and that’s okay!! Celebrate it! Because at least I DID it. I put myself out there.  And next time, it will be even better because NOW I have that experience under my belt!  But doing poorly because you are learning something new is NOT failure – only letting your fears win and not even trying is failure.  I want to live boldly in order to have a life full of new experiences.  I want to be able to look back at all I’ve done, not look back at a life lived safely locked inside a little comfort-zone box.
  5. I want to live each day like it truly is a gift to be experienced – rather than a ToDo list to be accomplished.  I want to be freer from future expectations and planning. I want to live each day more in the present.  I want to appreciate each day from the experience, rather than what can be accomplished, in order get more in touch with what we’re really here for.
  6. I want a meaningful career – one that is fulfilling, one that feels in alignment with who I am. Something I have a genuine interest in, and allows me to truly feel proud of my accomplishments because it was something *I* actually wanted to accomplish. (I’ve had a lot of accomplishments in my life, but they all felt lacking. Because I was accomplishing stuff I *should* be doing, rather than what I wanted to be doing).  I want to create something meaningful to me, learn new skills and knowledge relevant to my life, and make valued contributions to something larger than myself.
  7. I want to have meaningful connections with others.  I want to be loving energy and be one of those people, like my reiki teacher, who you just felt better being in their energy.  I want to have genuine connections with others in order to get more joy and happiness out of the relationship myself, and to experiment with the idea that relationships are really all that matter (not stuff).

What do YOU want to create in YOUR life?

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