The Unknown Is Scary, And I Love That

Kyle Cease is awesome! Lots of content on YouTube, check him out.  It is amazing how the universe guides me to the exact right message I need at any time. I was looking for my Marianne Williamson recordings, and instead found an old email with a random video from Hay House. No idea why, I clicked on it (rumor has it, that’s called “intuition”).  This guy is amazing and EXACTLY what I’m struggling with  – he is someone who also radically transformed his career by following the flow of the universe by taking ONE next step, rather than creating a controlled business plan.  He believes the universe and inner knowing provides that NEXT step. But only that next step.  We mourn what we leave behind as changes happen in our lives because we can MEASURE what we’re moving on from – but we can’t yet measure what lies ahead, because we have NO IDEA what lies ahead.

I had fallen (yet again) into the trap of worrying too much about the future, e.g. trying to CONTROL the future.  I don’t want to build this new career by recreating the same patterns that dominated my last one.  Yet, I am continuously impressed at how strongly my mind wants to recreate those old patterns! It’s like every three days I’m back to feeling like I’m not doing enough, or that it will never work out.  Our old patterns can be oh-so-very persistent!  And when I fall into those old mental habits, they feel so COMFORTABLE and FAMILIAR.  They are, of course, worry – and thus actually causing me anxiety. Yet, constant worry (masked as “concern and planning”) was the world I knew – so it feels “right”.  And every three days I need to intentionally and consciously redirect my thinking back to my new alignment.  That I’m following my calling, that everything is exactly as it is meant to be, and I am guided one next step at a time to where I need to go.

Kyle recommends adding ‘and I love that’ to unknowns which make us feel unsafe.  When we don’t “know” what lies ahead, we do not feel safe.  Our most primal, lizard brain (the part of the human brain that we got first from evolution) always wants to feel safe, and hates the unknown.  So, acknowledging the fear…and then celebrating it, is important to counter this basic instinct.

I don’t know what the next year will be like, and I love that.

I don’t know if this will succeed as a career, and I love that.

I don’t know what kind of a person I could become, if I really dropped all my fears of judgement and criticism, and I love that.

It creates some space to move in.  Like moving up to First Class from the cramped coach seats on the plane.

What about you?  Do you have a mental pattern that keeps you warm at night – even if it is not something that actually allows you to enjoy life more?  Start becoming aware of your own thoughts – and how much they talk you out of doing things you are otherwise drawn to do… and what a tight, confining box they create over time for you to live in.

Can you try to embrace a situation, celebrate that you don’t know what lies ahead – and recognize that it COULD be far more amazing that anything you are leaving behind?

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  1. Jackie Liebmann says:

    The older one gets the more important this thought is because otherwise one gets stuck in routine and boredom. Good advice.

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