The Sound of A Thousand Feathers

I love that sounds when a flock of birds flies overhead.  If you stop to listen. It sounds like one sound, a uniform, fluttery rumble, but you know it is made up of all those individual birds, individual wings, individual feathers. You know you can hear it because it created an invisible ripple and impact on ALL the space that lies between your ears and those birds.

Only one bird and you can’t really hear it.  You can’t hear the changes that this bird’s actions are having on the external world.  This bird IS having an effect. It is pushing air and create ripples that carries all the way down to Earth.  But when there are a thousand, then we can hear it. It adds up to enough effect that we audibly register the fluttering progress they make as they cruise across the sky, one puff of air at a time.

This reminds me of two things. One, that when we come together with a common focus, we can have an amazing cumulative impact and effect on the world around us.

And Two, that our individual actions DO matter.  That our individual contribution is the same whether that bird was flying solo or surrounded with friends.  Just because it feels like it can’t be “detected” doesn’t mean it isn’t there, it just means our sensor equipment can’t read it.  So you are always doing “Enough”, your contributions are happening all the time, just because you may not see the effect doesn’t mean it is not there.

So, when flocks of birds bless me with their overhead travels, I stop. I pause to experience this gift.  And I remember to appreciate the collective power of the relationships we form in our lives, and to bask in the knowing that every day I am contributing to the world around me in some way.

We matter.

I matter.

You matter.

Happy Travels,


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