Pause, And Listen

Next time you step out your front door, take a few moments to just close your eyes, and hear everything there is to hear.  Challenge yourself to hear something as far away as you can hear.

We can always be listening, and there is so much to take in!

But there are more ways to listen than with our ears.  Our bodies communicate to us all the time.  When is the last time you’ve listened to what its been trying desperately to tell you?

Maybe it is tired, and it is telling you that it just can’t do all the things you are demanding that it do.  Maybe it is asking for a break, and some physical relaxation and pampering.

Maybe it is weak, and feeling undernourished. Maybe it is craving more vitamins and nutrients to power the multitude of complex functions in carries out for you every day.

Or, maybe it is bored and needs something new and stimulating!

Ask your body, what does it need from you today? This week?

If a loved one was asking this of you, would you take the time to do it? Would you make it a priority?

Most likely, you would.  Now, can you show yourself that same level of respect and appreciation?

I realized that my body is a gift, it is the home of my soul, the equipment given to me to experience all the glorious things we are here on earth to experience – and I want to be at my personal best to experience all of those things to the fullest.   I listen to my body, and my instincts – because nobody knows ME better than I do.  They couldn’t.  This includes my doctor.  I, ultimately, am the only authority on ME.  I value and appreciate getting opinions, perspectives, and data from others, but I respect myself enough to know that only I know the best next step to take for myself.

So, make it a priority to take the time for that peaceful walk in nature, or that bubble bath.  Make it a priority to take some time for a healthier meal, or purchase that rather-pricey probiotic.  Make it a priority to listen to your instincts. Because you’re worth it.  It is not selfish to put your needs first sometimes, it’s what you have to do in order to continue to bring your best in support of everything you love.

What is one baby step you can take today to show yourself or your body some appreciation and love?

Ask, Pause (Paws), and Listen 😉

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