Peanut Butter Hack

Did you ever read the Butter Battle Book by Dr. Seuss?  I loved Dr. Seuss books as a child, and the epic tale of the battle between those that believed toast should be eaten butter side up, with those who believed toast should be eaten with the butter side down, was one of my favorites.

Well, I just discovered the most life-changing peanut butter hack!  Maybe everyone else already knew this (after all, it is pretty obvious), but I am stoked to have “discovered” it for my life!

HOPEFULLY you buy “real” peanut butter whose ingredients list only as: peanuts, salt.

HOPEFULLY you have become snobby enough (in caring about yourself) to disdain Jif and Skippy as fake foods with added sugar and trans fats.

Assuming that, then you know, as wonderful tasting as real peanut butter is, there is one arduous step in the process – stirring up the fresh jar!  Real peanut butter separates, and all the oils go to the top and peanut butter cement goes to the bottom.  In the process of trying to get it all mixed, all the oil splooshes everywhere, and your hand and wrist get very tired.

I know…the suffering and hardship we endure for our health, amiright?!

Well – I have solved this problem!  Store your backup peanut butter UPSIDE DOWN.  Then, when you go to grab a new jar, the splooshy oil is now at the bottom, and most of the ‘cement’ portion has become confused and gives up the fight much quicker.  It is so much easier to stir!

Store unopened nut butters in your pantry upside down to aid in stirring.

Hopefully your life will be as epically improved by this as I feel mine has.  Happy stirring!

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