That Which is Common We Take For Granted


/yo͞oˈbikwədəs/ adjective

present, appearing, or found everywhere.

Why is it that whenever something becomes commonplace, or routine, that we lose our appreciation and wonder of it?

Similar to how we don’t appreciate a “non-tooth ache” as much as we hate having a tooth ache.

Our joy of not having a toothache is not equal to our misery of having one.

We don’t find joy every day we don’t have a toothache as much as we experience misery when we DO have one.

But what if we could?

Think back to a time where your tooth hurt, how much it sucked to eat, [no, really,… stop reading, close your eyes, and remember a time…] now think about how pleasant it is to be able to eat and have it not hurt now.

Think back to a time when you got something in your eye, it hurt to open it, it hurt to see. Now feel how wonderful it is to look out at anything and be free from pain? To see all the light and the colors that are in this world?

Think back to a time that you twisted your ankle.  How much it sucked to be limping around the house. How much you missed out on being not mobile – how arduous it felt to have to go get something in another room. How limited, constricted, and confined you felt.  Now think about how effortless it feels to go grab something in the next room, how easy it is to go get yourself a glass a water – how capable your body is at moving throughout your environment.

All these things are still true!  We only ‘remember’ to appreciate them after they have been taken away for a while … and then we get them back.  But they are ALL true right now.  Now feel all them, all that gratitude and appreciation – everything that is going WELL and RIGHT for you right Now. 

You feel abundantly overflowing, right?…. You feel … happier?

And what changed about your life? Nothing from 5 minutes ago.  All that changed was not outside of you, not your circumstances.  The only thing that changed was INSIDE.  Your FOCUS.  What you chose to focus on and bring to mind.

I find this is helpful to keep in mind sometimes when it feels like nothing is going right … there is always SO MUCH that is going very right.

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