“Level-Up” Your Covid Vaccine

I have posted the guided meditation I created for myself as I come upon my own date to get the vaccine.  It occurs to me many have already gotten it, and I should have thought of this sooner.  Alas, late is better than never.

I realized I wanted to develop a meditation to “level up” the vaccine.  I wholeheartedly believe in the power of the mind to influence our bodies.  The mind can create problems, and it equally can also generate healing.  This meditation focuses on reducing the possibility of adverse reactions and calms down the fear center about the vaccine itself. It encourages the vaccine being properly accepted by the body, and to do what it is there to do.  Lastly, it uses the mind to increase the likelihood of successfully defending against variants by training the immune system to be vigilant.

I will be doing this meditation daily starting with the day I get the shot.  I’ll do it for a minimum of three days, but I’ll repeat it if I notice ‘worry’ thoughts popping into my mind in the following weeks – worry either about a symptom I feel, or worry that it’s not working.

Additionally, if you are worried about the vaccine as you are coming up to it, due to all the negative media and negative possibilities, this meditation could even be listened to in advance of your shot and may help reduce those fears and restore confidence in your body and the vaccine. Essentially, it is like using positive visualization to practice an outcome. By practicing it ahead of time, you are programming that outcome (you know, quantum physics?).  When the meditation covers “where you got the shot”, picture it as if it has already happened.  That way, when it does, you’ll have the confidence in the process and the confidence in your body to handle it. 

Some people are fearful because they don’t understand the process.  The meditation is rather medical in that it, loosely and somewhat figuratively, does walk through the process that allows the vaccine to train the immune system to protect us.  It is similar to a medical hypnosis.

Please pass on to anyone you know that is planning to get the vaccine but has developed a lot of fear towards it, or has developed doubts about its ability to protect us.  I, too, have fears of blood clots and who-knows-what-else.  I, too, have doubts about how effective it is (given that every year they “guess” at a vaccine for the flu).  But, in the end, I decided that, based on the knowledge and information I have, that it was the best of my overall odds.  So, given that decision, now my body needs to work with that decision.  The best way to help the body?  Stop doubting and dwelling and focus on the outcome you WANT. Focus on it doing no harm, and focus on working to protect you.   Whatever the science and truth may or may not be, our MIND has the power to influence that whichever direction we want to tune it to go. So connect with your subconscious and Level-Up your odds!

Covid-Vaccine Empowerment Guided Meditation

I would have uploaded this to youtube …but it won’t let me for some reason, grr …

(In case you were curious, I’ll also be supporting my body to get the most powerful immune system experience by taking 1 g. of Vitamin C starting on Day 1 through Day 4, I’ll not be drinking any alcohol a week prior and a week after, avoiding sugar of course, and in the days immediately following the shot, focus on relaxation and light movement.  This is what feels right for me given my body, my circumstances, and my history; you do what feels right for you.)

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