Yes, Scary Times, but Focus on the Positive

Crazy new world we are embarking on for a few weeks, eh?

We can’t control a whole lot of what’s going on around us right now – but we CAN do whatever we can to support our own immune systems.  Bolster our *internal* reserves as much as possible so that if we come in contact with the virus, our immune system will be prepped to win an epic battle!

  1. Lay off sugar and alcohol – both of these suppress the immune system.
  2. Go back to taking those vitamins aging in your pantry … especially vitamin D, C and the B’s.   And a multi, why not?
  3. Drink extra water, or even better, broths.
  4. Eat as healthy as possible…whatever that means for you. Anything you can do to give your body more building materials and reinforcements will help!
  5. Get extra rest and sleep – as much as your body is whispering to you to have.
  6. Some light movement – walking, dancing… something to get the lymphatic system pumping and cleaning out waste products from the body – enjoy it! Feeling Joy makes this even healthier.
  7. FOCUS ON THE POSITIVE.  Worry puts the body into fight or flight response…which suppresses the immune system.  I know it is hard, but *every* time those fear/anxiety thoughts pop up, throw them out of your head. They do not serve you. They do not help, and can literally hurt if they are putting you in a fearful, repressed state.  So, actively FIND the positives! Make it a game, a challenge – remember Pollyanna? 

I choose to look at this as an exciting gift of TIME. We all want more time, right? Well, the Universe has granted it. With our calendars emptied and the outside world cancelled, we have tons of time to spend in peace and reflective solitude.  Time to take up new hobbies, or rekindle old ones.  Time to cook, time to play, time to reconnect with a slower pace of life and reconnect to simply ‘being’.  We all fall into patterns in life, and sometimes it breathes fresh life into lives by shaking things up.  This will surely be *different* …whatever that turns out to mean.  Different spices things up, IF we remember to focus on the positives.  Embrace that, find some things to do to enjoy this odd vacation from normalcy.   I don’t see we’ve been given much other choice after all – all the fear and resisting in the world won’t be making it go away.  What we Do have is our choice of what we are going to (try our best to) focus on while we weather the storm.

#focusOnThePositive #InnerResiliance #StrengthenTheBody #Acceptance

Photo credit: Gabrielle Burns

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