Sealed in a Sanctuary

Feeling cooped up?…or, are you sealed in a sanctuary?

How lucky are we to have our very own places to live? Our very own space that is totally ours, totally under our control?  Maybe even with loved ones in it (furry or otherwise) – or maybe it is just you, but regardless, it is YOUR space. Surrounded with all the wonderful items that you chose and purchased with your money – because you VALUED them.  Look around you if you are at home right now (odds are, you are).  Can you remember back to when you bought every single thing that you can see?  Each piece of artwork, each decoration, each pillow or blanket, each thing of convenience, comfort, or beauty?  How wonderful it felt to have the money to exchange to have that thing. And now, we get to spend time sealed up in this special place that is entirely of our own making – uniquely OURS, all the things that light us up.  Take some time to just simmer in the feeling of all that you have, all you’ve accumulated, how lucky you are to have a space to call your own and a door you can lock at night and know that you are safe and sound.

So, I can do this.  I can stay here a while. We all can – we are all *fortunate* really, to be able to do so.  I have a place to call my own, and I’m being called to really remember to appreciate that for all that it is.

And I know that by staying, as often as possible, in a place of gratitude and appreciation (safety and abundance) I’ll be allowing my body to stay in the parasympathetic nervous system state – which is the best place to be if I want my body to successfully fight off a virus. Hey, look at that, yet another thing to be grateful for!

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