Extra Insurance

So a week ago I bought some food-grade bentonite clay to take internally. I’ve heard about using clay internally to bind toxins and remove them from the body for years …. but it always felt a little scary to drink clay, dunno why.  Maybe I got in trouble too much for making mud pies as a child…

So I started to give this a shot, so far so good.  Then I read that coronavirus enters through our mouths and uses those spikes to attach to our throat (hence the sore throat being a first symptom).  So I got to thinking, if clay can bind to aflatoxins, maybe it binds to viruses too?  So I looked and FOUND THIS published study showing just that:

“Results revealed that all the adsorbent agents had … excellent capability of adsorbing coronavirus”


Beating an illness has to do with numbers. As long as your immune system can fight it off faster than it can replicate, you win.

If drinking some clay can help wrap up and whisk away a chunk of the baddies … then that would be flattening “MY” curve … and allowing my immune system to ramp up production of white blood cells to win – just like the country is trying to ramp up production of ventilators and masks…

So, I’ll be drinking some (food-grade) clay at my first sign of a sore throat.  Harmless extra insurance in my opinion, and every little bit helps! 

Another “insurance” I’ll be using: lysine.

This is an amino acid supplement which has long-standing viral-suppressant properties – basically, slows down viral replication.



Not claiming its direct result on coronavirus specifically – because the virus is too new – but personally I’ll be adding a little of this to my vitamin kit (again, harmless extra insurance).  Read up and make your own informed choice.

Naturally, it’s also an ideal time to get back to taking those vitamins that are aging in your cupboard. A multivitamin, vitamin D, vitamin C would all be great additions right now.

And don’t forget the power of herbs and spices and bone broths!  Food is medicine, and variety is king!

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