Convenient Fresh Garlic and Ginger

Fresh raw garlic and ginger both taste amazing in foods and are powerhouses when it comes to antioxidants and good health.

However, both of these pack a punch and need to be finely peeled and diced – e.g. time and labor – whenever you want to use them….thus they are often skipped. However, there is a better way to not miss out: have a Garlic Party!

  • Get a WHOLE LOT of garlic
  • Break apart the cloves
  • Cut off the ‘root’ flat end
  • Chuck them into batches into a large ball jar
  • Shake, shake, shake (this breaks off a large majority of the peels saving that tender skin under your fingernails!)
  • Peel off any remaining peel
  • Put in food processor until it is all a fine mince
  • Put a scoop each into quart freezer bags – fatten the ‘dough’ out into a 1/4″ thick layer
  • Remove air, seal and store in freezer

Now you can have fresh garlic anytime by just breaking off a piece and tossing into the dish!

Ginger follows a similar (though less peeling) process. I use fresh ginger in my smoothies too due to this convenience – usually a nice 2″x2″ piece because i love ginger! I also usually freeze a bag of sliced ginger as well for convenient use in teas.

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