Bone Broth

Add grass fed bones (typically cow or chicken) – you’ll want to avoid factory farmed animals here since we’ll be cooking this along time and leaching nutrients (e.g. ideally not toxins) out of the bones.

Add dulse seaweed for iodine (I add a ~4×4″ piece)

Carrots, Onion, Garlic, Onion, Celery. I keep gallon bags in the freezer marked “scraps” and anytime i’m cutting up any of these, I keep the unwanted “ends” and put it in the freezer bag instead of the compost/garbage. Then when its time to make broth i dump the bag into the pot and done… no waste!

Parsley, Oregano

1 Tbl each Sea Salt and Peppercorns and rosemary

1 Tbl Apple Cider Vinegar to help extract goodness from the bones

Cover with water

Cover and Simmer for 24-36 hours. You may need to prop the lid if it starts to spit all over your oven – i use a bamboo skewer for this jammed on the edge.

Strain out and discard all the stuff. Poor liquid into large bowls and allow to cool.

Grab a bunch of quart freezer bags. Write “Beef Broth, Month/Year, 4 cups” on several.

Using a ladle and a 4-cup measuring cup, pour 4 cups of broth into each bag. Carefully seal and prop upright into boxes. Transfer to freezer to freeze.

I sometimes make some 2 cuppers and some 4 cups, depending on my recipes. These can be thawed directly in a pot or in the fridge — just be sure to prop them upright in a bowl! Those bags aren’t as trustworthy as though old “bee” commercials led us to believe!

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